ACTION 1: Analysis & Documentation of the tourism accommodation sector in Greece and Cyprus

(Start date: 1/9/2010, End date: 30/11/2010, Status: Completed)

Activity 1(a): Recording and assessment of the existing situation regarding tourism development in North Aegean, Greece and Cyprus

Activity 1(b): Preparation of a list of eligible accommodation facilities

ACTION 2:Development of an appropriate software tool for the evaluation and quantification of the accommodation units’ carbon footprint

(Start date: 1/12/2010, End date: 31/07/2011, Status: Completed)

Activity 2(a): Determination and evaluation of CO2 equivalent emission sources

Activity 2(b): Development of an appropriate software tool for the determination-quantification of the carbon footprint for a given tourism accommodation

ACTION 3: Demonstration and optimization of the carbon footprint software

(Start date: 1/08/2011, End date: 31/01/2012, Status: Completed)

Activity 3(a): Demonstration of the developed model

Activity 3(b): Training seminars/workshops

Activity 3(c): Evaluation from the output results and optimization of the model

Activity 3(d): Preparation of the software’s operational manual

ACTION 4: Large scale application of the software tool

(Start date: 1/02/2012, End date: 31/08/2012, Status: Completed)

Activity 4(a): Organization of an informative campaign

Activity 4(b): Large scale application of the carbon footprint software

Activity 4(c): Data collection and evaluation

ACTION 5: Carbon footprint offsetting strategies and measures for the accommodation sector

(Start date: 1/06/2012, End date: 30/11/2012, Status: Completed)

Activity 5(a): Development of guidelines for CO2 offsetting in tourism accommodation sector

Activity 5(b): Case studies for potential mitigation measures for the participated accommodation units

ACTION 6: Dissemination Activities

(Start date: 1/09/2010, End date: 31/12/2012, Status: Completed)

Activity 6(a): Launching Event

Activity 6(b): Development and updating of the project’s interactive website

Activity 6(c): Development and distribution of Informative Material

Activity 6(d): Layman’s report

Activity 6(e): Publications in National and International scientific and technical journals/conferences

Activity 6(f): Organisation of an International Conference

Activity 6(g): Media Broadcasting

ACTION 7: Monitoring and Evaluation

(Start date: 1/09/2011, End date: 31/12/2012, Status: Completed)

Activity 7(a): Development of End-of-Action Reports

Activity 7(b): Evaluation of the performance indicators

ACTION 8: Management and Reporting to the EC

(Start date: 1/09/2010, End date: 31/12/2012, Status: Completed)

Activity 8(a): Project coordination

Activity 8(b): Project Committees

Activity 8(c): Kick-off meeting

Activity 8(d): Reporting to the EC

ACTION 9: After Life Communication Plan

(Start date: 1/07/2012, End date: 31/12/2012, Status: Completed)

The After Life Communication Plan includes the detailed description of all the appropriate actions in order to ensure the effective dissemination and communication of the project results after its completion.

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