International Conference ECOTOURISM CONFERENCE 2012 Athens, Divani Caravel Hotel, Monday 10th December 2012

International Conference on the promotion of sustainability and energy efficiency in the Tourism Sector Official Website: ECOTOURISM CONFERENCE 2012 Athens, Divani Caravel Hotel, Monday 10th December 2012 Objective The ECOTOURISM CONFERENCE 2012 aims to promote the environmental character of the tourism activities through the promotion of effective technologies and safe practices. The Conference focuses mainly on the impact of the operation of tourism accommodation units in the climate change and the attempt to reduce the relevant carbon footprint. It also aims at stimulating the interest of the tourism enterprises in planning and applying systems for the control and reduction of the energy and water consumption and the use of renewable energy sources. Special attention will be drawn on the effective solid waste and wastewater management in the tourism sector. The Conference will provide an opportunity to bring together hoteliers, tour operators, travel agents, scientists, engineers & professionals from the private sector, government departments, municipalities, research & educational institutions, being a forum for the exchange of the most recent ideas, techniques & experiences in all areas of sustainable tourism. A special workshop will also focus on the application of the CARBONTOUR software tool ( in order to help the personnel and owners of tourism accommodation units to calculate the carbon footprint, reduce the CO2 emissions, achieve carbon neutrality, save money and natural resources.

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